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Woodcraft Patterns

As every wood worker knows there are very few wood workers who have the ability to correctly make a piece of furniture or other wood items from scratch without any woodcraft patterns. These patterns have been carefully designed so that all aspects of creation are thought of. When you look at these woodcraft patterns you can almost see how the wood craft item will look as it has completed. Woodcraft patterns help both the experienced and novice woodcraft worker to keep track of the various things that […]

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Types of Wood

Whenever we look at the different pieces of wood furniture that are shown in furniture stores or in our homes these wood furnishings all look the same in color and texture. This is because we see only the smooth brown color that is seen on the surface of the furniture, which in many cases is the polish that has been applied. There is more to wood furniture than just a brown colored wood. Each of these pieces of wood items and furnishing are made from different types […]

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