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Wood Carving Tools

Woodcarving is one of the most exciting hobbies that nearly any person, with the right wood carving tools, can become a part of. Woodcarving is not only fun, but it rewards the craftsman with a sense of accomplishment and entitlement that few other talents can instill. Many respectable people have fallen in love with the craft of woodcarving, including such historical mainstays as Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. Woodcarving is an art nearly as old as time itself, and there is much wisdom to be learned from […]

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Wood Working Patterns

You might think that many wood workers will just carve the various items that they make just off the top of their heads. This however is not always possible, for this you will see many different wood working patterns that they use. These woodworking patterns are in many ways similar to the plans that constructions workers and other designers follow. So where can you find the various wood working patterns that you can use to make various items in wood especially if you are new to woodworking? […]

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